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B-17G Walk Around


The B-17 Flying Fortress is arguably the most famous US bomber of World War II, and perhaps all time. The vast majority of these aircraft were the G-model, accounting for 8,680 of the 12,730 Flying Fortresses built. Not surprisingly, with more than eight thousand examples being produced by three manufacturers, a number of changes were introduced in the course of the production run. This new addition to Squadron s Walk Around series takes the reader over, under, and through the B-17G, illustrating the subtle - and not so subtle - changes in gun mounts, turrets, crew positions, and other details. Ten aircraft were photographed in order to create this comprehensive look at the famed Flying Fortress - through more than 300 photos with detailed captions. 88 pages.

By David Doyle

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5567 B-17G WA (Promo).jpg