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SBD Dauntless in Action

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The Douglas SBD ('Scout Bomber Douglas') Dauntless was the U.S. Navy's chief carrier-borne scout plane and dive bomber from the middle of 1940 until the middle of 1944.   In addition, U.S. Marine units flew the Dauntless from aircraft carriers and bases on land, and the U.S. Army Air Force also operated its own version of the plane.   Most remembered for the deadly blows it inflicted on Japanese aircraft carriers at the battle of Midway in June 1942, the SBD Dauntless boasted long range, good handling, and toughness.   The land-based Army version of the aircraft, which omitted the arrestor hook, was dubbed the A-24 Banshee.   Lavishly illustrated with 200 photos, detailed line drawings and color profiles.

By David Doyle

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10236 SBD Dauntless IA (promo A).jpg