free Books

One of the greatest joys I’ve experienced is my marriage to Denise.  This week marks our anniversary, and in honor of this, we are having a “sale-bration” (forgive the pun).

Seriously, I can think of few reasons as good as this for us to launch our biggest sale ever – FREE BOOKS!

For a limited time, for each Schiffer, Ampersand, Krause, or Squadron book you order from our site at our regular low discount prices, you can choose an equal number of books from the list shown on the homepage, and get them absolutely for FREE!

Of course, you know there will be fine print – so here it is:  This offer does not apply to pre-orders, and excludes periodicals (MMiR and Allied-Axis); each free book is to be equal or lesser value than purchased book (you can’t buy a $15 book and expect to get a $30 book for free); we reserve to limit the quantities (while we are happy to have everyone’s business, its not fair to our other customers to have one person, for example, order 100 copies of AD-1 Skyraider and choose to get 100 M151 Mutt in Action for free, and thus other folks are left empty handed). In a similar manner, quantities are limited to stock on hand.  That is, when we run out of books to give away, we run out - there will be no back orders.  The system keeps up with this, so you will know as you order whether or not a given book is available.

The final hurdle has to do with the logistics of making the website accommodate this program.  Despite my best efforts, unfortunately, I can’t seem to automate this process through the site.  Thus – when you check out, unfortunately you’ll pay for the entire order.  I will refund the portion of your payment for the books that should be free within 24 hours (usually within minutes).  If, after deducting the free books, your total is over $50, and we are shipping to a US address, we pay the shipping.  If the actual final total of the books ordered is less than $50, then standard shipping charges apply.   

I understand that the refund situation, is an inconvenience, and requires some trust on your part, but I simply can’t find another mechanism by which to make this offer.  I apologize for this.

Here are your choices for free books:


SS10237        F-4 PHANTOM in Action  

SS10211        P-51 MUSTANG in Action  

SS10208        P-47 THUNDERBOLT in Action  

SS10232        PBY CATALINA in Action  

SS10234        P-39 AIRACOBRA in Action  

SS25069        B-26 MARAUDER Walk Around

SS39007        F8F BEARCAT Detail in Action    


SS12042        WORLD WAR II JEEP in Action

SS5712           M3 MEDIUM TANK Walk Around

SS5714           M24 CHAFFEE Walk Around

SS5715           M113 APC Walk Around 

SS12051         M151 MUTT in Action  

SS12053        M1 ABRAMS in Action  

SS2043          HMMWV in Action  

SS27023        FT-17/M1917 Walk Around  

SS5705           M42 DUSTER Walk Around

SS5710           GPA & DUKW Walk Around

SS5717           M7 PRIEST Walk Around

SS5718           GMC CCKW TRUCK Walk Around

SS5722           VALENTINE TANK Walk Around

SS5902           K5(E) RAILGUN Detail in Action               

SS39002        M3 GM CARRIAGE Detail in Action 

SS39003       GAMA GOAT Detail in Action

SS12050        GERMAN ARMORED CARS in Action  

SS27025       M26 DRAGON WAGON Walk Around

SS27031        DIAMOND T 4 TON TRUCK Walk Around

SS39001        FERDINAND/ELEFANT Detail in Action               

SS5707          US MIL MOTORCYCLES Walk Around

SS5708          V-100 GAGE COMMANDO Walk Around

SS5711           PRE-STANDARDIZED JEEP Walk Around

SS5716          M88 ARMORED RECOVERY VEHICLE Walk Around

SS5720           M3A1 WHITE SCOUT CAR Walk Around

SS5721           M108/109 SP HOWITZER Walk Around

SS27029        M18 HELLCAT TANK DESTROYERWalk Around

SS39006        M19-M20 TANK TRANSPORTER   Detail in Action      


SS34001         USS ARIZONA Squadron at Sea               

SS34003        USS TEXAS Squadron at Sea               

SS34004        USS SARATOGA Squadron at Sea               

SS34006        USS ALABAMA Squadron at Sea                     

SS34005        USS LEXINGTON CV-2 Squadron at Sea                       

SS34002        USS NORTH CAROLINASquadron at Sea                          

This offer expires October 17.

Best wishes,

David and Denise Doyle