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HMMWV: Workhorse of the US Army - 7510


by Carl Schulze 

The M998 Series High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles (HMMWV), or Hummer, is truly the workhorse of the US Army. Officially introduced into service in 1984, the inventory of the US Army alone is close to 90,000 vehicles.


The HMMWV has seen combat action several times in its service history. The first was during "Operation Just Cause" in 1989 in Panama. When "Operation Desert Storm" marked the liberation of Kuwait in early 1991, HMMWVs were deployed with almost every US unit deployment. 1992 saw the HMMWVs in action in Somalia, and in the mid 1990's the HMMWVs serviced in peacekeeping duties in Bosnia and Kosovo. Currently the HMMWVs are fielded in Afghanistan with the US forces there.

The author Carl Schulze brings us 174 remarkable photo images of the different HMMWV variants in action. All the different variants are covered, and there is separate chapter on international HMMWVs and the MOWAG Eagle which the Hummer is derived from. For the modelers, there are eight 1/35 scale plans featuring the popular troop carrier, armament carrier, ambulance and Avenger versions of the Hummer.

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