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M1A1/A2 Abrams - 7502


by Walter Böhm

The cutting edge of the US Army in Operation ‘Desert Storm’, the Abrams is the current main battle tank in the US armor and infantry divisions. Armor, firepower, mobility and reliability make the M1A1/A2 Abrams a potent tank in the modern battlefield.

With emphasis on the M1A1HA, the Heavy Armor version of the M1A1, this book traces the Abrams from its deployment in Germany, to the sands of Iraq, in peacekeeping role in the Balkans, and finishes with the M1A2 variant. 

Walter Böhm, a German photojournalist, with the help of Yves Debay and Greg Stewart, packed this book with 192 color photos and informative captions. Different chapters include M1A1HA in service with various US Army divisions in Germany, in battle during Operation "Desert Storm", in peacekeeping missions in Bosnia, in training at the National Training Center in the Mojave Desert, and in exercise with the US Marine Corps. The new M1A2 is also featured training at the NTC, and deployment with the Kuwait Army. A separate chapter is devoted to special markings, graffiti and helmet markings of the Abrams and its crew.

The four color profiles are useful reference for camouflage schemes and markings of the Abrams in ‘Desert Storm’, Bosnia, USMC and NTC markings. The four view 1/35 scale line drawings are also useful to modelers.

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