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M2/M3 Bradley: Backbone of the Modern U.S. Mechanized Infantry - 7506


by Walter Böhm & Peter Siebert

The M2/M3 Bradley infantry fighting vehicle was developed to replace the M113. With increased firepower compared to its predecessor, the Bradley is also superior in mobility and armor protection. It has a two-man stabilized turret as a platform for a 25mm Bushmaster chin gun, a M240 co-axial MG, and a two-tube TOW launcher with a seven-man dismount team. 

The M2A2/M3A2 Bradley went into service with the 3d INF and 1st INF in 1989/90. It played a major role in the ground war for the liberation of Kuwait during Operation "Desert Storm" in 1991. During the Gulf War, the Bradley fleet proved to be very reliable. Only 3 vehicles were destroyed by enemy fire, with 17 vehicles by friendly fire. As a result of "Desert Storm", an improvement program for the Bradley begun. These modified vehicles received the code M2A2 ODS/M3A2 ODS. 

The authors Walter Bohm and Peter Siebert are regular contributors to Concord's range of modern armor books. Most photos were taken in Germany, where the Bradleys roam through the countryside as will. There are also photos of Bradleys serving in Kosovo. A section is devoted to Bradley variants and special markings.

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