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Rolling Steel: NATO’s Self-Propelled Guns - 7512


by Carl Schulze & Walter Böhm

NATO's conception of warfare - combined arms fighting on the battlefield - is marked by the combination and cooperation of the firepower and mobility of battalion-, brigade-, and division-scale units. Another factor is the capability to destroy the mobility of hostile forces by barrage and obstacles. Modern mechanized infantry and armored units are dependent on artillery protection. Self-propelled guns are an important element of this concept.

Modern artillery weapon systems, such as the British AS 90, the French GCT AUF-1, the American M109A6 Paladin, and the German Panzerhaubitze PzH 2000 have multi-role requirements - fire support against hostile elements on the frontline, ahead of their own combat units, and fire against hostile follow-on forces and artillery positions - and hostile control, support and air-defense positions have become targets for today's modern artillery systems.

The authors Carl Schulze and Walter Bohm bring us striking photos of the four modern NATO self-propelled guns in action in Germany, Kosovo and Bosnia. The book is divided into four chapters, each chapter dedicated to one self-propelled gun, with a color plate showing camouflage scheme and markings. 

The focus of this book is the 5-view 1/35 scale plans of the massive PzH 2000.

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