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Russia’s BMP Infantry Combat Vehicles - 7507


by Steven Zaloga & David Markov

The BMP-3 first appeared in public in 1990 and was considerably better armed than other infantry fighting vehicles. It is equipped not only with a 30mm auto-cannon, but with a 100mm rifle low pressure gun that can fire high explosive projectiles and guided anti-tank missiles. The BMP-3 entered production very slowly, there are probably less than a hundred in Russian service today. However, it is a popular export item, a total of 576 have been ordered by UAE, Cyprus, Kuwait and South Korea.

This book contains photos of the UAE BMP-3s serving in Kosovo, as well as South Korean and Cypriot BMP-3s other than Russian. All the different variants of the BMP-3 are covered in full color photos, with the compliment of six 1/35 scale plans.

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