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Vietnam Armor in Action - 7040


by Gordon Rottman & Donald Spaulding 

This book provides photos of the two most common US armored fighting vehicles employed in Vietnam, the M48A3 and M113-series APC and its variants. Additional materials are provided in the form of these vehicles' technical characteristics, the armament mounted on US armored fighting vehicles, an order of battle of US Army and USMC tank, armored cavalry, mechanized infantry, and other armored units that served in Vietnam, and a discussion of the organization of armored fighting vehicle units. 

To provide further insight into the employment of armor units in Vietnam, a study of the 1st battalion, 69th Armor, the Black Panthers, is included. This Battalion served in Vietnam from 1966 to 1970 and the study of its operations provides an excellent example of a tank battalion's experiences. 

The first part is devoted to the M48A3 Patton tank and the M113 variants. A wealth of clear sharp photos features both US Army and ARVN vehicles in action. The second part is a study of the operations of the Black Panthers in Vietnam. Donald Spaulding, a veteran of the unit, provides us with the history of the Black Panthers, supplemented by photos from his own collection, most never been published before.

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