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Enter now - drawing held on 20 December at 3 PM Central.  Winner gets their choice of $50 worth of books written by David Doyle, selected from my website - shipped at no cost to a US address!  The winner will be notified by email - and their name will be published on the DavidDoyleBooks.com website

As many of you know, I (David Doyle) have been writing about military vehicles for a number of years, not only in the pages of Military Vehicles Magazine, Army Motors, Supply Line, Windscreen and Classic Military Vehicles, but also with books ranging from a scant 48 pages on up to over 1100 pages.

Now, in addition to writing books, I have begun selling the books I have written.  I offer these at discounted prices - buy direct from the author and save! 

My wife Denise and I send out newsletters about once every 10-14 days.  In these newsletters, we discuss our forthcoming books, our current research projects, what new books are out, and special prices, even more heavily discounted than usual, and news of interest to hobbyists.

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