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M1 Abrams - Images of War

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The M1 Abrams has been the principle main battle tank of the US military since 1980. Conceived to counter the threat of a massive Soviet armored incursion in Europe, the tank gained considerable fame during the Persian Gulf War of 1991, and its combat record has continued to climb. With such a long service life, the Abrams has undergone continual improvements and upgrades, which are illustrated in great detail in this volume. The unique features of the various models are detailed in stunning color photos, and the combat use of these fearsome vehicles is richly illustrated through previously unpublished photos.

Spread through 232 pages, over 300 photos, which are a mix of operational photos as well as detailed photos of multiple variants, including numerous previously unpublished images, chronicle the history of the premier armored vehicle of the US military.

By David Doyle

232 pages, soft cover

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ABRAMS cvr.jpg
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