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WWII Chevrolet 4x4 in U.S. Service


The 1 1/2-ton Chevrolet 4x4 is one of the overlooked, yet important trucks of WWII.  Many of these trucks in cargo and dump variants were supplied to our Allies during WWII, including notably the Russians, but thousands more remained in US service.  In addition to general transport, these trucks formed the basis for bomb service trucks, aerial gun training, fire trucks and airfield lighting. 

All of these uses are explored in depth, from the factory all the way to the field, through hundreds of photographs, the bulk of which have never been seen outside of the factory.

Over 600 such photos fill the 448+ pages of this English-language book, providing a coverage comparable that offered by my DUKW, CCKW, half-track and Dodge books.  

By David Doyle

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