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M19-M20 Tank Transporter Detail in Action

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Collectively known as the M19 Heavy Tank Transporter, this truck and trailer combination was conceived at the behest of British in 1941, and was later used by the United States Army as well. The prime mover for the combination was the Diamond T model 980 or 981 12-ton truck, known as the M20, while the 45-ton capacity full trailer it towed was designated the M9. The combination saw widespread use during World War II, and well into the postwar years. Explores the development, use, and details of these wartime workhorses. Illustrated with 222 photographs (64 black-and-white vintage photographs in conjunction with 158 detailed full-color photos of immaculately preserved examples); 80 pages.

By David Doyle

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39006 M19 Tank Transport (SC promo).jpg