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M40 Gun Motor Carriage & M43 Howitzer Motor Carriage - Legends of Warfare

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The M40 Gun Motor Carriage and M43 Howitzer Motor Carriage are featured in over 200 photographs spread through 112 hardbound pages, providing a detailed study of the conception, development, testing, and combat use of these key vehicles.Initially designated the T83, and later as the M40, the new 155mm Gun Motor Carriage was first fielded in the closing months of WWII. Already scheduled for mass production, the M40, and its companion 8-inch howitzer-armed M43, continued to see extensive use during the Korean War, providing crucial support to infantry and armor formations. Historic period images, as well as meticulously photographed surviving examples, provide a detailed look at this important piece of US military hardware.

By David Doyle

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M40 cover.jpg
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