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Son of Sherman Volume 1: The Sherman, Design and Development


A complete and illustrated description of the U.S. M4 Sherman tank series in the Second World War

Written and edited by Patrick Stansell and Kurt Laughlin

Based on original material created by Pete Harlem

This brand new book is composed of lavishly illustrated and comprehensive essays on:

• Each Sherman type by factory with sub-sections on large small hatch

• All 75mm turret types

• All 76mm turret types

• Final drive assemblies

• Running gear (suspension and tracks)

• The factories that built the Sherman

• Transporting the Sherman to the battlefield

• Appliqué armor and the remanufacturing process

• Production and registration data

Including an extensive Bibliography and index

386 pages, soft cover 8.5x11 format • Over 900 b&w and color photographs • More than 130 multi-view drawings

(Soft cover) ISBN: 978-0-9773781-1-1

(Hardcover) ISBN: 978-0-9773781-3-5 OUT OF STOCK

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