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U.S. Dodge The development and deployment of Dodge military trucks 1940-1975

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The Ampersand Group is proud to announce the release of U.S. Dodge, a massive two-book work on the amazing, never before told story of Dodge trucks used by the United States Military from 1940 to 1975. From their beginnings as modified civilian trucks to their development into some of the world’s finest tactical vehicles, these two books cover the story in the greatest detail.

Authored by well-known American military vehicle expert David Doyle, U.S. Dodge recounts the development and deployment of the Dodge military trucks using thousands of never before seen photographs—many from previously inaccessible private and industrial archives. The author has also combed original Chrysler and U.S. Military documents to provide the most accurate picture to date of the huge industrial undertaking that was to eventually produce over 400,000 tactical trucks for the U.S. military and its allies during WWII.

Divided into two parts encompassing two large volumes, the narrative begins in Book One with full coverage of the development the VC series. The books then cover the WC series of ½, ¾-ton and 1½-ton trucks in all their wartime incarnations. U.S. Dodge devotes a full ten chapters to this aspect of the story alone.

Continuing into the second book are five additional chapters detailing the development of the post-WWII Dodge tactical trucks such as the M37 and the M601 Power Wagon. Rounding out Book Two are nine more chapters showing the Dodge trucks in use all over the globe with the U.S. Military. All major WWII theaters are covered, as well as extensive coverage of the Dodge in Korea, Asia, Europe and Vietnam.

Completing the U.S. Dodge story are seven highly detailed appendices that provide data on such subjects as production, registration and allocation.

Each chapter is lavishly illustrated with period photographs covering all aspects of the Dodge military truck, from development, manufacture and deployment—some chapters containing as many as one hundred eighty photos!

U.S. Dodge will be presented in a two-book set packaged in an attractive, matching slipcase. Book 1 of the set is 496 pages and contains over 850 images. Book 2 of the set is 522 pages and contains nearly 900 images. Although the majority of the photographs in both books are black and white, many excellent and rare full color period shots can also be found within its over one thousand pages of content.

By David Doyle

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