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M10 Tank Destroyer in Action

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Based on the chassis of the M4 Sherman tank and fitted with a 3-inch M7 gun, the M10 was numerically the most important U.S. tank destroyer of WWII. The M10 was built in response to the stunning successes of the German armored Blitzkrieg at the outset of the war in Europe. Fitted with a turret, unlike most self-propelled artillery of the era, the vehicle was more heavily gunned but lightly armored than a tank. M10 crews were expected to make the most of their vehicle’s speed and agility. The M10 received its baptism of fire in Tunisia in 1943 where it demonstrated its ability to destroy most German Panzers then in service. Illustrated with more than 135 vintage photographs and detailed line drawings. 80 pages.

By David Doyle

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12057 M10 Tank Destroyer (promo A).jpg