How to reserve new
titles on our website

David Doyle Books/Ampersand has partnered with Trycelery, one of the industry's leaders in auto-billing and pre-order acquisition. This is means your pre-order is safe and secure and will only be charged to your credit card when the product is ready to ship. Our goal is to charge only within 72 hours of the time of shipping.

Why pre-order? By pre-ordering a title, you are guaranteed to receive a copy of a title that is always produced in limited quantities. Additionally, you will be among the first to receive the new book, as we ship the pre-orders immediately when they arrive from the printer or publisher.

To pre-order any product prior to its release, simply click on the "Additional Info" tab adjacent to the cover photo of the book you desire.  On the next screen, click the "Pre-order now" button that accompanies the product description. Once on the pre-order page, you will be asked to fill out a form that includes your name and address and credit card information.*

Pre-orders cannot be combined with orders for items that are currently in stock.  Two entirely different order processing systems are used.  Again, you aren't charged for your pre-order items until they are ready to ship, while payment for in-stock items is accepted when the orders are placed.  Pre-orders and regular orders cannot be combined to reach shipping discounts.  Beyond any special offer made in the pre-order program, no further discounts apply.

  • Please note that on any pre-order there is no charge made at the time of sign-up. The total will be the product plus the shipping.

  • Please make sure that the appropriate shipping selection is made.

*Please note that our pre-order site is 100% PCI compliment. Your CC information is encrypted and secure. It is only visible to our CC processor. Even we can't see it!