How to reserve new
titles on our website

From early 2018, here at David Doyle Books we partnered with Trycelery, for a smooth preorder system which allowed our customers to reserve books now, and then be automatically charged for those books when the books were ready to ship.

Unfortunately, Trycelery has chosen to exit this business in early July 2019, instead choosing to focus on crowdfunding, which means we have been forced to change our system.

All reservations in the system on 10 July 2019 will migrate to the new system, BUT there are a few important exceptions:

  • Since we are PCI compliant, we don’t have our customer’s credit card information. Thus, the charge card info could not migrate. More information on this further down.

  • Those who order the M551 Sheridan book prior to 12 July will be processed under our old system. Normally we did not invoice prior to being able to actually ship the books. However, the Sheridan books will arrive in the week of 15 July, and we feel that charging a few days early will be less problematic for our customers than would be trying to shift the orders to a new system.

  • For those ordering the Stuart Part 2 or P-38 Part 2 book, which will be shipping 5 August 2019 - you have the option of being invoiced NOW under the old system, or being sent a bill through the new system and paying at that time, with shipping after payment. Please reach out through our contact us page and let us know if you would prefer to migrate.

Our new system will work as follows:

Follow the link to the book that interest you. If you wish to reserve a book, click the “reserve” book. Your name will be entered into a data base. When we have confirmation that the books are within 48 hours of our dock, you will be sent an email - as well as an electronic invoice. If the invoice is paid within 24 hours, your book ships with the same pre-order deal as always. Any reservations not paid within 24 hours will be canceled.

We do hope to find a more streamlined system, comparable to the one we have been using, in the future. However, despite looking for several weeks, thus far such a system has not been found.

Because we do not have your credit card info - those who had reserved books prior to 12 July will get an invoice when those books arrive, under the new procedures. The sole exceptions are the M551, Stuart Part 2 and P-38 Part 2 books as named above.

Why pre-order? By pre-ordering a title, you are guaranteed to receive a copy of a title that is always produced in limited quantities. Additionally, you will be among the first to receive the new book, as we ship the pre-orders immediately when they arrive from the printer or publisher.

Pre-orders cannot be combined with orders for items that are currently in stock.  Two entirely different order processing systems are used.  Again, you aren't charged for your pre-order items until they are ready to ship, while payment for in-stock items is accepted when the orders are placed.  Pre-orders and regular orders cannot be combined to reach shipping discounts.  Beyond any special offer made in the pre-order program, no further discounts apply.

*Please note that our pre-order site is 100% PCI compliment. Your CC information is encrypted and secure. It is only visible to our CC processor. Even we can't see it!