We are in the business of satisfying its customers with great products and great service. Here is how we do it: If, for any reason, you are not satisfied, let us know and we will make it right.


We use the United States Post Office for all of our shipping. The USPS is still pretty fast.  

All packages are sent self-insured. Although your package should be the responsibility of the post office, it turns out it’s not—but if it gets messed up, we’ll fix it.

All regular retail orders for in-stock publications will be shipped free to US delivery addresses via Media Mail. 

If you desire faster shipping, you may select Priority Mail - the cost for this will show up during the check out process, and you can choose the option that best fits your budget.

If you have special shipping requests that do not involve the USPS, please contact us and we will do our best to accommodate you.

If we make a mistake (send the wrong book, send it to the wrong place), we’ll make it right.

At the same time, if you make a mistake, we expect you to make it right. If your package is returned to use because the address is incorrect, or it has been unclaimed, but we followed your instructions, we will refund the cost of the undamaged books, but not the shipping. Thus the cost of shipping will be deducted from the refund.

Typically  we ship within 24 hours of the order being received.  There are some exceptions - weekends and holidays are obvious exceptions.  Also, because my wife Denise and I are a two-person operation, if you notice on the show calendar that we will be attending a show well away from Memphis - we won't be shipping during the travel days.  However, we normally ship any backlog of orders once we arrive at the show location.  In any event, we know how important your items are to you, and strive to get them to you as quickly as possible - and in excellent condition.  Our system will send you an email with tracking number when your order is shipped.  In the rare instance something is missing our damaged, we must be notified within 10 days of receipt, or 30 days of shipping, in order for us to make any adjustment.

Outside USA

Unfortunately, due to rate increases in the last few years, shipping outside the United States can now be quite expensive.  Our system automatically calculates shipping cost based on the weight of the items ordered.

For CANADA shipping is $15.95 for the first pound, $19.95 for up to two pounds, and $5 per pound thereafter up to four pounds. Four pounds and beyond is $47.75 - however, as a practical matter - if you are in Canada, I STRONGLY recommend that you email me for an exact quote on shipping. Actual shipping is often far less than the system calculates automatically, as it cannot account for destination beyond the country.

For the rest of the world, shipping is $33.95 for the first pound, $39.95 for up to two pounds, $59.95 for up to four pounds, and $75.95 for up to 19 pounds. Above 19 pounds up to 66 pounds is $89.95.  

In some cases, depending on location, this automated shipping charge calculation can result in a substantial overcharge beyond actual shipping.  In that event, we will refund the excess, usually within 24 hours.

We understand that this leaves a lot of ‘unknowns’ - so if you would like an exact overseas shipping quote before ordering, use the “contact us” link and let us know exactly what you would like to order, and your full shipping address (sorry, the rate calculator can’t do the math with things like (two books to London”). With your complete information we can give you an exact quote before ordering.

PLEASE NOTE: Starting January 21st, 2018, the USPS is no longer allowing First Class Mail International (FCMI) service using the Large Envelope/Flat package type to ship anything but Documents. For any content type other than Documents, the USPS will now require shipments to use the package type of Package or Thick Envelope, because of this, we can no longer be offer this inexpensive option.

Pre-orders and reservations

Because we write most of the publications that we sell, we often have an idea about what is about to be released!  Although oftentimes there are contractural restrictions concerning our discussing this, once we have the okay, and we know with some degree of certainty when the books will arrive, we sometimes will offer pre-orders on these books.  

This allows our customers to reserve a copy of the publication, assuring delivery of the book, and typically being among the first to receive these.  The vagaries of product distribution prevent us from truthfully saying "You'll be the first on your block with the cool new book" - but oftentimes that is the case.

Pre-orders are handled by an entirely different system than are regular orders.  Therefore, regrettably advance orders cannot be combined with orders for in-stock items.  Also, you are not actually charged for the reserved item when you make the reservation, rather you are not charged until your product is ready to ship to you.  Typically, when we get confirmation that the books are out for delivery to our door we initiate the billing process.

Telephone orders

We do not accept telephone orders. There are a number of reasons for this. Chief of these is PCI Data Security compliance. That is “we” don’t have any customer’s credit card info at any time. The on line payment processor we use, which is fully PCI compliant, handles the transaction - Denise and I never get your card info. If someone breaks in and carries away the computer I am typing this on - you are still safe, because your card data is nowhere in our home. And we want to keep it that way.

Other factors include - my “day job” is writing books, this often includes travel and research in archives that do not permit the use of cell phones, plus, as those of you that meet me at shows know, I like to talk. I can’t write and talk at the same time, and if I don’t write, I don’t pay my bills - or have books to sell.

For those who REALLY don’t want to order on line, you can order by mail. If you live in the US, we ship via media mail at no charge, so it is easy enough to send us a note listing specifically which of the books we offer you want, add the prices shown on the website, and mail the note and payment to:

David Doyle - PO Box 172287 - Memphis, TN 38187

The bottom line is - we don’t take telephone orders. We know that this means some of you may elect not to order, but one of the beauties of this country is that freedom of choice!

Returns, errors and screw-ups

We are committed to customer service and will promptly address any customer claims of shipping errors, damage, defects, missing items, etc. if we are contacted within 10 days of delivery, or 30 days of shipping. In order for us to remedy any problems regarding missing or damaged items, it is critical that you keep any and all packaging as well as any notices provided by the carrier.  Be prepared to send photos by email if required by carrier policy. We answer all emails promptly. 

Because we're committed to helping you, under no circumstances should you ever contact a third party to dispute charges, or air grievances without contacting us first. We will solve all genuine customer service problems through refunds, reshipments or whatever else it takes to reach a fair solution to the problem—that's our promise! But it's your job to inform us a problem has occurred.

If you purchase one of our products from a dealer, please address any product concerns (shipping damage, material defects, etc.) with that dealer. We will also solve all genuine customer service problems to the best of our ability—with that dealer—but not directly with their customers.

Privacy and stuff

Your privacy is very important to us. Except for cases where we comply with a lawful demand for information by law enforcement authorities, or attempt to secure relief in cases of customer fraud, we will never disclose any personal information you provide us (such as your name, shipping address or telephone number), or any information related to your purchase history with us to any third parties.

When we gather your email, it is solely for the purchase of informing you about our products and us. We never share that information either.

DavidDoyleBooks.com does not retain your credit card information. We are “PCI Compliant,” no numbers are stored or otherwise recorded on premise.

Occasionally, digital versions of our publications will pop up on the Internet. The only digital content that we sanction is that which will appear, or is appearing on this website. Anything else is stealing.