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MMiR 51 (out of print)

  • Party with your PT! Part Two: Roberto Reale wraps up his two-part feature on detailing the Italeri Elco boat
  • Beast from the Bocage: Dragon's late Tiger I with molded-on Zimmerit
  • Battlebus: On the advance with Dragon's M3A1
  • Two-three-four-slash-1: Kev Smith makes Dragon's new SdKfz 234/1 look not so new
  • A Wrecker for the Corps: Detailing Trumpeter's Marine Corps LAV-Recovery
  • Recce Roadster, or, A Dingo Ate My Baby: The diminutive MiniArt armored car
  • 9A35M TELAR (SA-13 Gopher): A walk-around of the Russian mobile missile system
  • Painting Guide No. 6: WWII Russian Armor, 4B0 Green (revisited)

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