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MMiR 63

  • Give it a Sho’t!: The AFV Club IDF Sho’t Kal Gimel 1982
  • MVPA: Visiting a first class military vehicle event.
  • The Tamiya Mark IV: The One That Worked.
  • Iron Maiden: Takom’s manly new Mk.IV Female.
  • A Bridge Too Cool: Creating a different kind of diorama to display the AB 40 armored rail car.
  • Little Big Tank: The AFV Club Sturmtiger.
  • Freight Haul in the French Countryside: Des Kit’s Federal Tractor-Trailer combination.
  • Easy Rider: Tasca Zündapp KS 750 w/Sidecar in 1/24th scale.
  • Polish Lancer, Sherman IC Firefly: Making sense of the Tasca/Asuka kit.
  • T is for Trumpeter: Their T-72 is yet another winner.
  • Mini-Men: The usual peek at what’s new on thefigure front.
  • Model Citizen: WWI German Stormtrooper. The Jon Smith Modellbau figure with an Alpine head.
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