New Stuff From Dragon USA Megaganza Part 1!!!


CB35174, Versuchsflakwagen Fur 8.8cm Flak.37 Auf sonderfahrgestell (Pz.Sfl.IVc)

-the hull is by Bronco with a Dragon Flak 37

CB35206, “God’s Blessing”

-A group of U.S. WWII GIs celebrating mass


Riich Models

RV25019, U.S. M1 57mm Anti-Tank Gun (early version) on M1A3 Carriage

-Comes with a crew of 5 and ammo



CV35-0035, VCL Amphibious Tank A4E12 Royal Netherlands East Indies Army


Master Box

35180, Modern UK Infantryment, Present Day

-2 Troopers on foot, 3 for mounting in an open-top vehicle


MB35182, Volksstrum. Ammo to the Frontline

-2 kids and a cart