New from Hauler!

One of our favorite accessory companies!

Airplane guys will want to check out their Brengun lineup!

Here is the newest stuff from the Hauler line:

1/87 HO construction kits

HLR87175, LANZ threshing-machine

HLR87176, Triumph Streamliner


TT 120 construction kits

HTT120064,  Grass chopper MELICHAR


N 1/160 accessories

HNN16005  Fuel barrels

HNN16006  Bicycle (four pieces)


AFV 1/72 accessories

HLH72041, Wooden trolley

HLH72042, Antitank barriers


AFV 1/72  construction kits

HLP72016  M1 8"GUN transp.wagon


AFV 1/48 accessories

HLX48361, Kfz.69 Krupp  with 3.7cm Pak (Tamiya)

HLX48362, Bedford MWD Light Truck (Airfix)



AFV 1/35 accessories

HLU35082, U.S. ammo boxes 75 mm

HLU35083, Steel barrels