MR Models Update!

MR-35488, Gun barrel Set and Accessories for Char B1 bis (Tamiya)

Contains CNC turned 75mm and 47mm gun barrel from Aluminium and

muzzle section of Reibel turret machine gun. Includes a reworked turret cupola, three antenna bases with protective cover, two pre-cuted antennas from CFK rod and a few small parts. Parts are designated for a French Char B1 bis in combat 1940.

MR-35489, wheel set SpaehPz. 2A1/A2 LUCHS Dunlop pattern ca. 1984/85 (TAKOM)


MR-35490, Gun barrel and accessories for Spaehpanzer 2A2 Luchs of German Bundeswehr For Takom No. 2017

CNC turned 20mm gun barrel and gun shield as well as the so called „Balkankiste“ expedient stowage boxes for engine deck and turret rear wall. Set contains the mount eyes for the stabilizer rods of first and last axle which are not existent in the Takom kit.

MR-35494, Driver figure for VW T3 German Bundeswehr approx. 1985

Driver figure of German Bundeswehr around 1985 designed for the Takom kits of the VW 3 double cab and van transporter.


1:87 Scale

FCM-87014, Tracked Rapier

FCM-87044, FV - 180 Combat Engineer Tractor CET

FCM-87055, AS-90