Amazon review of M42 Duster

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By  Pual Kopsick on June 24, 2015

Greetings, finally a photo book that actually shows operational practices of the M42A1 'Twin Forty' 40MM "Duster" in action, IN VIETNAM!
I purchased this book directly from Ampersand before it was commercially available.

If you served on this crew served weapon in Vietnam and do not have many surviving photos from Nam, this is the book you need to have. Each photo has been carefully researched and edited and annotated with specific names and locations. The first third is largely historical (Pre-Vietnam) and the last third is a detailed walk-around of the fully restored Dusters at the Tank Farm in Nokesville, VA. The middle third is chock full of actual photos shot by members of the three Duster Battalions that served in Vietnam from 1967 - 1971. You might even find a picture of your own 'track' (as we called them, it is not a tank!). Each photo was selected to show some pertinent aspect of how the weapon was used in Vietnam. Get this book! Take it to the VA and show them what you did and how it was used. There were only about 100 Dusters in Vietnam at the same time. People, historians, administrators do not know anything about these weapons or the hardship and sacrifices of the crews that served on them and the men that supported them in the field. These WERE COMBAT SOLDIERS!! Fighting alongside the Marines, the Infantry and the Artillery. They protected them on the road during the day and at the firebases at night. A truly unsung branch of the military service in Vietnam, overlooked and unheralded...UNTIL NOW!!!