Tips for Airbrushing with Vallejo by Jeff

Since we are on the subject of Vallejo today, let's talk a little bit about running latex-based paints through an airbrush. These methods apply to AK Interactive and Ammo of Mig paint as well.

1. Prime! These paints stick best to other paint. Our favorite here is good old Mr. Surfacer 1200 since it is sandable. Vallejo makes a nice latex-based primer in a variety of colors. So does AK and Ammo. The Tamiya spray primers and colors also serve as a great primer.

2. Always thin the paint. Even with model color, a few drops of airbrush thinner improve flow and prevent clogs. Vallejo 71.261 is our favorite. AK and Ammo also make a similar thinner. For Model Air, one drop or thinner to three drops of paint is a good ratio. For Model Color, around 50/50 works best.

3. Only put small amounts of paint in the cup. Latex-based acrylic dries quickly and will leave a skin of paint in the airbrush that causes clogs, so only load a few drops of paint at a time.

4. Keep your airbrush clean! Run some Airbrush Cleaner through before reloading the cup EVERY time! We like the Vallejo Airbrush Cleaner (199). AK, Ammo and Aztek all make a similar product. These cleaners work a lot better than Windex. It is best not to use alcohol based thinners for cleaning. They make the paint coagulate into a gooey, rubbery mess. Lacquer thinner can also be used, but remember that it is extremely toxic and can be absorbed through your skin as well as through your respiratory system, so take the appropriate precautions.

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