Aber Turns out Barrels Big and Small


16 L-04, Barrel for U.S machine gun cal .50 Browning M2 HB

16 L-06, Set of two barrels ZB 37 for Panzer 38(t)


16 L-11, Final muzzle brake used on German 7,5cm barrel PzKpfw.IV, Ausf.H and J

35 L-093, Barrel for 40mm Bofors Anti Aircraft Gun

35 L-108, 3,7cm KwK.34(t) or vz. 34 barrel for Pz.35(t) tank

35 L-109, German 2cm gun barrel for Flak 30 or MG C/30

35 L-137, U.S 76 mm M1A2 barrel with muzzle brake for Sherman M4 and M-18 Hellcat


35 L-154, Barrel for Russian 30mm 2A42 gun for BMP-2 and BMD-2


35L-164, Barrels for German WWI A7V Tank

R-40, Hexagonal Bolts and Nuts