Sparmax Airbrushes

We recently received an update from the UK Company on this airbrush from the famous air compressor company Sparmax.


Sparmax SP-35C

The SP-35C is a dual-action airbrush for full control of air and fluid – press the trigger down for air and back for fluid. But the airbrush can be converted into a simpler single-action action airbrush by fitting the alternative valve, which allows the air through all the time and you only pull back to control the amount of fluid. This is not to be confused with the other type of single-action where the button operates the air only and a pre-set amount of fluid is immediately drawn through the airbrush.


The SP-35C airbrush features:


    Gravity-feed with 0.7oz (2ml) fixed cup with lid

    Dual-action airbrush with Single-action valve included – converts the airbrush from a dual-action to a single-action airbrush (simple installation guide included)


    0.35mm nozzle and needle set up

    Fine detail to 1" (0.35mm to 25mm) spray pattern with the one size nozzle

    Ergonomic handle design with a Pre-set colour flow control

    Extra Crown Cap included

    Cleaning brush included

    Replaceable internal PTFE solvent-proof needle packing for use with solvent-based paints