News from Mini Art!

Mini Art promises better plastic:

Dear All,
In past year we have been receiving complains concerning the quality of some our models The problem was with raw material. Unfortunately because of certain circumstances only one type of polystyrene which made in Russia is available in Ukraine. And this kind of polystyrene is low quality with unstable indicators, what influences on final product. Moreover, the quality of the pointed polystyrene is getting worse during the year. We have tried many approaches to improve the process of manufacturing, such as special settings during injection of exact mould, special additives for polystyrene etc. But unfortunately we haven’t received needed effect.
That’s why despite of increasing of net cost we made a decision to change the material. After six months of research and looking for the way of import we have purchased high quality polystyrene. The chosen material is made in Belgium.
We are glad to share with you this news! And inform you that we have received the first supply of the polystyrene on August 7. We have already started injection! The new sprue’s were tested and passed quality control with excellent result! The problem of fragility is solved!
If you have any questions, issues please do not hesitate to contact us by emails, FB, guestbook. We will do our best to help you and improve our quality!
Sincerely yours,