Forgotten Archives 1: A great new title from Panzerwrecks Publishing

We just got this title in the mail yesterday. Everyone at the office really dug the photos! It looks like a great source of inspiration for modeling.

240 Pages, 266 Photos

By Darren Neely

Most photos are U.S. and knocked-out/ captured German hardware. We did see one really good shot of a British Firefly. There is some coverage of Normandy in here but the majority of the photos are from later in the Northwest Europe Campaign.

Here is a chapter list:

  • Breakout and to the German Border
  • From the Patton Museum - Through the lens of an Ordnance Officer
  • Bogged Down
  • Ardennes - Bloodied and Counterattack
  • Ardennes - Through the lens of Lt. Joseph Zinni
  • Alsace, Germany and the End
  • The Photographer