New Brass from Aber!

1:16 Scale

16 054, US Army MP-48 antenna base could be used to RC models

16 055,  Set of US Army MS antennas to MP-48 base

1:25 scale

25 L-10, Russian 85 mm ZiS-S-53 L/54,6 tank Barrel for T-34/85 (model 1944/55)

1:35 scale

35 L-189,  German 88mm L/56 two-piece barrel for Flak 36 and Flak 37

35 L-196,  Barrels for British WWI Tank Mk.I Female or 0.303 Vickers gun x 4 8mm Hotchkiss m.1909 x 1 (Takom)

35 L-198, Armament for British Vickers Medium Tank MK I OQF 3 pdr Vickers x1 pcs. (Hobby-Boss)

35 L-208,  Soviet 122 mm A-19 Barrel for ISU-122 (Zvezda)

35 P-27,  Soviet anti-tank guided rocket 9M14 Malyutka (AT-3 Sagger)

1:48 Scale

48 043, STURMTIGER (38 cm RW61 Assault mortar) Vol.1, Basic set (AFV Club)

48 049, STURMTIGER (38 cm RW61 Assault mortar) Vol.2 fenders and exhaust covers (AFV Club)

1:400 Scale

1:400 L-07, Set of 20 pcs 20mm L/70 Oerlikon barrels for US & Royal Navy

TCS 25,  Stainless Steel Towing Cables 2,5mm, 125 cm long