Coming Soon from Trumpeter!

We received our update from Stevens International.

These new armor kits will be out in November.

7120, 1/72 Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor
NEW TOOL! The Soviet Komintern Artillery Tractor was based on the T-12 and T-24 chassis. Unlike its predecessors, the Komintern was put into mass production and used to tow medium artillery weapons used by the Soviets. Kit consists 20 parts, including the cab and tracks.

9504, 1/35 Soviet KV-7 Object 227 Tank
NEW VARIANT! The KV series of Soviet heavy tanks were used by the Red Army during WWII. The KV-7 Object 227, also known as the U-13, included experimental self-propelled guns that were absent on previous models. Only one unit was ever produced and was only used for testing. Kit consists of over 250 parts, including a brass wire and plastic tracks.

9506 1/35 Russian Kazakhstan Army BMPT Armored Fighting Vehicle
NEW VARIANT! The BMPT “Terminator” is a post-Cold War AFV manufactured in Russia. Despite being used by many countries at the time, Kazakhstan is currently the only country still operating the BMPT. Kit consists of over 1,100 parts, including photo-etched parts, copper cable, and individual track links.

The really big item coming from Trumpeter isn't a tank though- it's a 1:48 scale U-Boat!

6801 1/48 German DKM Type VIIC U-552 U-Boat
NEW TOOL! The German Type VII submarines were the most common U-boat Germany used throughout WWII. Modelled after their earlier WWI designs, the German Type VIIC boats were created in 1933 as a new method of attacking enemy ships. They became the go-to weapon for the German U-boat force, with 568 commissioned in the last five years of WWII. It differed from the model before it with the addition of active sonar and some mechanical improvements that made it longer and heavier than its predecessors. At 220-feet long and with a submerged speed of 8.7 miles per hour, the VIIC U-boat was one of the most devastating weapons in the German arsenal during WWII. The first U-boat of this size ever created in plastic model form. Kit consists of over 1,100 parts, including a one-piece hull and photo-etched parts. The completed kit is over 55 inches long and features a clear starboard side hull for viewing the interior detail.