Bench Wars Part 2

Once on the HobbyZone website, there was plenty to look at. They offer a variety of organizational products. These are roughly divided into desktop storage and paint storage. The desktop stuff is most notably their "Modular Workshop System." This is a series of interlocking modules, each with some specific function.

Placed end to end, they are designed to cover the back side of your workbench and can be configured in almost infinite fashion. They can also be stacked to create multiple layers of storage.

The material is a medium density fiberboard that has been precision cut.

I was immediately attracted to this module:

There are three drawers in each one and the individual drawers have dividers.

This one was also intriguing:

I thought it would be just the ticket for all my files and pliers.

To create a full wrap-around effect, there are also these:

At first, I wasn't sure what to make of this one:

The bench seems a silly place to store finished models... Then I realized that this is intended to protect whatever you are currently working on. Genius! A safe place to tuck away my work before I go home at night.

One I had an idea of what I wanted, I came up with this sheet:

This helped me visualize the overall concept and also make changes to my design. It also helped on the next step: ordering.