Dragon USA Photo Megaganza Part 1

We just received a big box of samples from Dragon USA.


Let's kick things off with some small stuff.

Bronco has two new accessory sets that will come in handy for your next diorama:

Bronco AB3578, WWII German Rubber Raft comes with two rubber rafts.

Bronco AB3579, Universal Fuel Tank Trailer is the same thing they included in their recent A13 modified for German use and Morserzugmittel 35t, but now you can get just the trailer. It comes with a bunch of jerry cans and fuel barrels that are really nice and could be used for filling out a truck bed.

Next up are two 1:72 scale kits from Dragon. These look pretty easy and are probably good for an evening in front of the TV to keep your hands busy.

Dragon 7499, Sd.Kfz. 171 Panther A Early Production looks almost exactly like the classic 1:35 scale kit right down to the box art.

Dragon 7327, Churchill Mk. III Avre includes the welded turret and the spigot mortar that make this version distinctive. J

Jeff built one of the little Dragon Churchills a while back from start to finish, including weathering, in one afternoon.

Riich 35034, British Airborne Universal Carrier and Welbike is another variant of Riich's very sophisticated base kit. The Welbike is more complex than the Tamiya ones in their figure set. The Universal Carrier has a flat panel hull and link and length tracks. Some of the hull plates are also included as photo-etch parts for the detail mavens out there. Get out your Optivisor and tweezers, ladies!


We'll have more tomorrow when we take a look at some of the new Dragon kits!