MR Models Set for the Tamiya Panther D!

MR Models was nice enough to send us a sample of their new upgrade set for Tamiya's Pnather D kit.

It contains a number of unique items that will help customize your next Panther.


Tamiya's commander cupola is a little bare inside. This kit gives you parts to super detail it including the vision blocks.

There is also a nice snorkel pot that was featured on some of the May-June 1943 production tanks. Command tank antenna posts are included too.

Stowage boxes include several types for the engine deck and one for the right side seen on a few early Ausf. D's

The set even includes some "driver Knows" distance markers for the front fenders.

In addition, there are some spare road wheels, track links, tow shackles, a jack block, pistol port plugs, a signal port hatch and some jerry cans thrown in for good measure.

MR Models also does road wheel sets for the Panther D as items 35513 and 35514.