16 105, Wing nuts with turned bolt x 12 pcs.

35L-160, Armament for Soviet BMP-1 or BMD-1

35L-199, Armament for British Mk.A “Whippet”

35L-205, Armament for Soviet SPAAG ZSU-57-2

35L-211 German Barrel for Sd.Kfz. 234/4 mit 7.5cm L/48

35L-212, Set of Barrels for Soviet Tank T-50

35P-28, Round Clips for Soviet 7.62mm czkm DTZ

48-050 Armour for Flak 36/37

72L62, German 88mm L/56 Two-piece Barrel for Flak 18 and Flak 37

1:200 L-07 Armament for Japanesse Battleship Mikasa

1:400 L-09 Set of Barrels for Royal Navy Battleships- Hood

1:400 L-10 Set of 20 Pcs .5in Vickers Mk. III Machine Gun