Armor Color Gallery 13 Book Review!

Armor Color Gallery #13:  Camouflage & Markings of German Armor in the Battle for Cassino, January-May 1944

By Jeffrey Plowman and Daniele Guglielmi

Model Centrum Progres

ISBN: 978-83-30372-25-9

48 pages, 65 archival photos, 19 full-color plates for painting and camouflage reference

The Armor Color Gallery series from the folks at Model Centrum is a little different from their vehicle-focused, Armor PhotoHistory series.  These books focus on the camouflage and markings of WWII vehicles from a single country, in this case Germany.  This book like other Model Centrum publications is a high quality reference loaded with great, high resolution B&W photographs.  Most pages contain two but no more than three well-captioned photographs of in-action German vehicles during any of the three battles for the Gustave Line in and around the Italian town of Cassino.

In this volume the reader is treated to all manner of late-war German armor including but not limited to StuG III, G’s, Marders III’s, Pzr IV’s, and Panther A.  Other treats include Somovente M42s, fixed Panterturm gun emplacements and even a captured beute Sherman M4A1.  The fun doesn’t stop there! Although the book is focused on German armor, there are some allied vehicles captured in some of the photos and many of the photographs will make for excellent diorama inspiration!

Lastly, the book features eight pages of high quality color plates depicting some of the armored vehicles captured in the preceding photographs. The color plates are very well done and make for excellent reference when painting your panzer!

You can order your copy through the folks at Casemate Publications:

-By Tom Jett