M60A2 Book Review!


M60A2 Main Battle Tank, Vol.1 In Detail

Published By Sabot Poblications

132 Pages Black and White

Suggested Retail Price: $35.00

ISBN: 978-0-9973774-2-2

This is the third title we received from Sabot lately and it is very welcome considering that modelers now have multiple choices when it comes to modeling the M60A2. Dragon, AFV Club and Academy have all released kits and there is also the old Tamiya kit to consider.

Things start off with a short section that expounds on the development of the M60A2 as well as details on the U.S. Army units that deployed it.

Unlike previous books, this one is made up entirely of period photos. There are lots of "In Action" type photos of the M60A2 in the field. The vast majority come from maneuvers in German between 1978 and 1980. They give a really good feel for what the tank looked like when it was deployed, including lots of good detail on markings and stowage. There are even a few photo series that have the same tank in multiple views.

There are also several small sections of "In Detail" photos. These include a closer look at the main gun, a photo series showing a turret being pulled off that includes interior shots, and a look inside the commander's cupola.

All of the pictures are half page or larger including a few two-page spreads.

Overall the book is an excellent reference on a subject where there are great kits out now but good reference is hard to come by.

Brett Avants was nice enough to send a bunch of sample pages so we have them below for you:

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