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MMiR 34 (out of print)

  • Try this Czech hammer: converting the Tamiya T-55 into a Czech T-55M2 tank
  • Lavishly Leyland: the new and complex model from Resicast
  • One big Chinese rocket: building the new Trumpeter Chinese ballistic missile launcher
  • The road to Damascus: a massive diorama depicting one of the IDF's most dramatic moments
  • Winnie the Pooh and Büffel, too: creating a model of the Büffel ARV
  • Get on the bus: detailing the AFV Club LVTP5A1 kit with help from Hobby Fan
  • A two for one special: building the PanzerShop supply and gun carrier tanks
  • The French Army's fast getaway car: putting together the Blast VAB 4x4 with a little help from Heller
  • Making Trax with a creepy crawler: a rundown of the new and complete kit of the military crawler from VLS

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