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MMiR 35 (out of print)

  • Leopard madness!: a preview of the new three volume set from Barbarossa Books
  • The trouble with the T-34: a preview of
  • "T-34 Mythical Weapon"
  • Russian dressing: it's a tasty treat from
    Dragon Models!
  • The Russian heavy duty roadblock on tracks: building the IDK T-35A Russian heavy tank
  • The flying telephone poles are here!: building the new Trumpeter SA-2 guideline SAM
  • Express delivery: the Eastern Express
  • KV-1 Model 1941
  • Hey is that a big gun behind you, or are you just happy to see me?: building the MAN 7-ton truck and FH-70 155mm howitzer
  • Detailing the cat: building the AFV Club M-18 Hellcat tank destroyer
  • It's all right now—in fact it's a GAZ! (again): breathing new life into an ancient Tamiya kit

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