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MMiR 49 (out of print)

  • Plastered Panther: ATAK-ing Dragon's Jagdpanther early production version with Zimmerit
  • Polish Meat Grinder: The Editor gets stuck in Dragon's M16 Multiple Gun Motor Carriage
  • MMiR Artillery Trio: M198, M2A1, M1931
  • Uncle Buck: Tom Jett's award-winning derelict M4 High Speed Tractor gets rusty
  • Hound of the Dragoons: Bronco's T17E1 Staghound "wheeled tank"
  • Painting Guide No. 4: Using the Color Modulation style with WW2 UK Armour SCC 15/Olive Drab
  • Not a Step Backward: Chema Cabrero's diorama based around a scratch built T-26

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