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MMiR 36 (out of print)

  • Desert shank: building the Jaguar M551A1 Sheridan
  • How many times can you airdrop a truck?: the Masters Productions VLRA 4x4 truck
  • Gotta whole lotta Luchs!: a breakthrough kit from Tasca
  • I tawt I taw a puddytat...: the DML Sherman VC M4A4 Firefly
  • Ciao Bella!: building the Italeri M13/40 medium tank with a lot of help from Model Victoria
  • Stuart, little, too: AFV Club's M3A3 light tank
  • Sko-da! Sko-da!: putting together the Plus Models Skoda 952
  • Dozing in Type 74: sprucing up an old Tamiya Type 74 main battle tank
  • If it quacks like a duck, it probably has a duckbill: building the new Academy M-10 tank destroyer, plus a  look at the M4A2 Russkie style

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