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MMiR 30 (out of print)


  • A Czech Panzerjägerschnitzel: building a Czech Republic kit of the Marder III Ausf. M Panzerjäger
  • A new turret and a spot of paint is all you need: building a Tamiya T-72M1 medium tank
  • Per-schwing!: Tamiya provides its own interpretation of the WW2 classic
  • Peleliu '44: improving and enhancing the Italeri kit with a new update set from Trakz
  • Stuart, little: Academy's answer to the
    U.S. M3 light tank
  • Achilles, heel!: taming the new Academy Achilles 17-pounder armed M10
  • Japanese tanks pt. 4, the Japanese third car: building the FineMolds Type 95 light tank
  • Neubaufahrzeug nicely: building the Armo
    multimedia kit
  • Japanese SPGs pt. 2, how fast can a Ho-Ro?: converting with the MR Models Type 4 "Ho-Ro"
    SP gun
  • Hey, Abbot!: taking a bite of the new mini SPG from Accurate Armour 
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