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MMiR 37 (out of print)


  • The phantom menace: building a Panzer IV F1 of the 11th Panzer Division, 1941
  • Werkstat owned and operated: detailing the heck out of the Tamiya Schwimmwagen Type 166
  • Gimme a V! Gimme a T!: building the PanzerShop VT-72B recovery vehicle
  • Platz der Grosse Tiger!: creating a small slice of the battle of Kharkov in a big scale
  • Red cable Krad: building the Dragon SdKfz 2/2 Kleines Kettenkrad
  • American fist: a simple casting technique for architectural structures
  • Early target acquisition: building the DES Kit FuMG (Flak) 39D Würzburg radar 
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