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MMiR 53

  • Home Grown: Two Academy Merkava 4s with some brass and resin
  • One Mean Dude: Young Miniature's German Waffen SS Ardennes (II) 1:10 bust comes to life
  • Kuribayashi's Hell: Javier Redondo pays homage to the bitter fighting in the Pacific Campaign of WW2
  • Reaping the Wirbelwind: Where'd this thing come from?
  • Mobile Ninety on Call: the M56 Scorpion is featured in this installment of the East-West series
  • Flat-Head T34: a 48th first timer takes on the HobbyBoss T34/85 Model 1944 flattened turret
  • Black Jack's Big Gun: the HobbyBoss T26E4 Super Pershing Pilot #1
  • (Remaining copies were slightly damaged during shipping) 

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