Bench Wars Part 4: The results!

In this highly anticipated final chapter of our world-famous blog, we bring you: THE RESULTS.

(crickets chirping...)

I managed to cover nearly the entire length of the bench, maximizing the surface. My lights were moved to the shelf above to clear my reach to the outlying modules.

BTW, final assembly was slightly tricky. Each of the modules is attached to the next with small magnets. These are inserted in holes drilled in various locations. The individual magnets are a tight fit and keeping the correct polarity throughout was difficult for me (I'm easily confused).

Once sorted though, it is an effective system for keeping all the different parts together. The resulting unit is pretty sturdy.

Here is a closer look at the center section:

I used my handy Dymo label maker to identify all the drawers. All the stuff I use the most is located within this section. The top tool holders are pretty cool. The one on the right contains my most frequently used items.

With the large number of drawers available I was able to put together some very useful groups. This is the blade drawer. Previously, these were scattered over several locations. Number 11 blades are in the front:

All my punch and die sets are now together for the first time:

Bits and collets:

Here is a closer look at the right-hand tool caddy. There is a little space n the front that is handy for my x-acto and glue applicator:

Here is one of two of the "on deck" storage units:

I filled up a lot of the space, but there are few areas left over. The corner drawer units are teeny, but so is most of my stuff:

There is still some room in this unit, on the left hand side. I'm not really sure what to put in that center divider...

I now consider myself highly organized! The system is already working quite well. I can quickly put items away and I have zero clutter on the bench. At the end of each session, the bench surface is easily cleared.

I am very pleased with the Hobby Zone product line—everything was very high quality The level of service was also quite good. We have used their paint organizers, too and will be adding to them soon.

Please do not hesitate to check out their site at