Dragon USA Megaganza Part Three!

Bronco has churned out another version of their sophisticated Horch kits, Dragon has a big pile of variants on their now classic base kits and last but not least is a closer look at the Dragon Patriot missile launcher kit!

Bronco 35209, Mittlerer Einheits PersonenKraftwagen(m.E.Pkw) Kfz12(Early Version) & 2.8cm sPzB41 On Larger Steel-Wheeled Carriage w/Trailer Sd.Ah.32/2


Dragon 6834, 10.5cm StuH.42 Ausf E/F

Dragon 6599, Flakpanzer T-34r

Dragon 6838, Su-76i

Dragon 6721, 5cm PaK 38 L/60 auf Fgst.P.Kpfw. II (Sf)

Dragon 3563, MIM-104F Patriot Surface-to-Air Missile (SAM)