By Ralph Zwilling,
- 40 pages; 2 pages with text and 38 with full color photograph
- 61 full color photos

The Tankograd In Detail series are a short form photo-reference in the same format as the venerable Squadron In-Action series.  This particular issue provides a very detailed review of the Husky, Vehicle Mounted Mine Detector (VMMD). 

The Husky concept dates back to the 1970’s and the development of a route clearing vehicle system for the South African Defense Force, produced by DCD Protected Mobility Group. The South Africans were in need of a specialized vehicle to clear frequently mined convoy routes over unpaved roads between Namibia and Angola.  The initial design included the revolutionary V-shaped hull and the open frame that we’ve come to know on Huskies operating in Iraq and Afghanistan.  In the 1990’s DCD provided Husky Mk I’s in support of joint operations in Bosnia which got the attention of the US Army.  The Army opened a foreign competitive testing program to evaluate the Husky as an interim vehicle mounted mine detector.  The Army initially purchased 10 Husky VMMDs in 1997, with the first entering active service the following year.

This short 40-page book is really focused on the modeler with photographs that give us the details we’re always looking to add to a particular kit.  The book covers briefly the early Mk I Husky before focusing primarily on the Mk III’s.  Further sections are then broken down on vehicle specifics, hull, front suspension, rear suspension, interior driver’s compartment and then the various attachments used in mine clearing.  All the photographs are full color and large format and will be extremely useful if you’re building the recently released AFV Club Husky Mk III.  In addition because the photographs are all taken of vehicles outside in natural light, they offer a great guide to painting and weathering these vehicles.  Hello chips and rust!

By Tom Jett