M60A2 Volume 2 from Sabot Publications!


M60A2 Main Battle Tank in Detail, Volume 2

132 Pages Color w B&W

Suggested Retail Price: $34.99

ISBN: 978-0-9973774

We looked at the first volume on the M60A2 from these guys back in July.

So, what does this book have that Volume 1 (which is excellent) didn't?

The answer is simple:

Color!  Big, glorious color photos!

There is a very short introduction that explains how the M60A2 was never actually called "The Starship" by its crews along with some corrections to Volume 1.

The next section is titled: "The M60A2 In the Field" and is mad up entirely of color period photos from the 1970s and early 1980s. This is an excellent compliment to Volume 1, which illustrated field use quite well.

The largest section of the book is "The M60A2 Walkaround." this is a full color look, both inside and out, at a restored M60A2.

The only two photos that are black and white are on the very last page of the book, showing a mired M60A2 awaiting recovery. These must have been left over from Volume 1.

Our Advice is to get both books and enjoy your project now that there are multiple 1:35 scale incarnations of this unique Cold War tank!

Thanks go our to Brett Avants and Chris Mrosko for providing a review copy and the photos for this review.

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