Mr. Black WWII Special Review!

Mr. Black Publications

We really dig the figure books from Mr. Black. Their Figure Modelling series is probably the best publication of its type available today.  They cover all eras, scales and mediums of this very exciting portion of our favorite little hobby!

This newest book is right up our alley, with all the subjects pertaining to WWII, just like the title says.

There are a total of 15 features in the publication. The articles vary in length from 2-9 pages. The content includes single figures, busts and vignettes. The single figure articles are the shortest, with the exception of the Soviet infantryman bust, which is pretty extensive. The longer articles include information on the scenery and the vehicle models used.

There's quite a bit of step-by-step in here, mostly concerning figure painting method.

Here's a list of the features with a short summary of each:

Deutsches Afrika Korps - North Africa 1942 - 1:35 scale

This is a fairly long article using newer Tamiya Panzer II modified with parts from the much older kit from the '70's. The old Tamiya Afrika Korps figures are converted to add new life.

Rasputitsa! - 1:35 scale

This is a small vignette using the Tamiya Simca and a Hornet figure. Detailing on the car, base work and figure painting are all in there.

LAH Kharkov 1943-  1:35 scale

This is a single Alpine figure painted with acrylics and oil paints.

SS Unterscharführer - 75mm (1/24)

This is a single figure from H&V Miniatures with detail on face painting using Vallejo and also a nice section on painting SS camouflage uniforms

WWII US BAR Gunner -1:35 scale

Yet another Alpine figure.  There is a nice step-by-step on painting with the author using Tamiya Enamels.

Japanese Officer in a Tropical Hell

This is a single figure from Irbis Miniatures with a short look at base work and Vallejo paint profile.

Oberleutnant Georg Briel - DAK - 120mm (1:16)

This is a short article on a limited edition Alabarda Club miniatures bust with a Vallejo painting profile.

On The Edge of No Man’s Land - 180mm (1/10)

This is an extensive article on a Young Miniatures Soviet infantryman bust. It has nice step-by-step on painting using oil paints.

Tripoli, 1941 - The DAK is here!- 1:35 scale

-This is a small vignette featuring an Alpine DAK German and Italian tanker type with a Vallejo painting profile

Stalingrad, 1942- 1:35 scale

This vignette is a pair Master Box figures converted to give them some polish with a Vallejo painting profile.

German DAK Infantry North Africa WWII - 180mm (1/10)

This is another Young Miniatures bust painted with Tamiya enamels. Short but sweet. It's a very handsome figure!

Tips For Beginners

This is a short article on basic figure construction.

Blitzkrieg - Vorwärts - 1:35 scale

-This is an excellent little action diorama using modified Master Box figures with a Vallejo paint summary.

Royal Armoured Corps AFV Crew- 1:35 Scale

This is another well-painted Alpine figure painted in Tamiya enamels.

Battle of Moscow, 1941-1942- 1:35 Scale

Two more Alpine Soviet tanker figures in winter togs to wrap things up with Vallejo painting instructions.

We found this to be very satisfying bedtime reading and a real inspiration when it comes to stepping up our own figure painting game.

Check out this and all of the other great titles from Mr. Black right here!